Ethical Policy

We strive to be keep ethical and environmentally friendly practises

Our Commitment

Us, the Environment and our Ethics


As a company, Ayana Jewellery aims to be as eco as possible, at times it can be hard to trace everything back, but we hope that this will inform you a little bit about what we do and our commitment to making a sustainable space in the handmade jewellery market.

1. Transparency
We aim to be open and honest with
our supply chain, materials and practices

2. Ethically Sourced and Made
We make the jewellery by hand ourselves
in our studio in Sydney, Australia

3. Made to Last
Ayana Jewellery is made in solid metals
to be cherished for a lifetime

4. Low Overheads
Working from our home studio means
we can keep overheads low to keep our
jewellery attainable and affordable

5. Building a Better Future
We aim to keep improving our practises
and strive to be better

Our Ethical Values

The ‘Eco’ Process

Ayana Jewellery designs the original components of all Ayana Jewellery pieces, making each design in silver, by hand in our eco-friendly studio.

We keep a close connection to every piece that we produce, each product starts life in our home studio in Sydney, Australia where it is hand-formed in solid metal by qualified silversmith, Lauren.

We aim to ensure that all the material used in crafting our products are long wearing and designs are timeless, therefore reducing the need for landfill.

The Studio

In our studio processes, we prefer to use eco-products rather than harsh toxic chemicals often used in the jewellery production process. Especially those for cleaning the jewellery after it has been heated, for this we use a mixture of white vinegar and salt. All the products we use can be found in most home kitchens and are non-toxic to the environment, to humans or animals.

We aim to be a zero waste studio. All our silver scraps are collected, from these, Lauren makes our popular “Nugget Ball Studs” by melting down the scraps to form little balls of silver. We also use the scraps to create one-off pieces of jewellery which we sell at our markets. Any scraps that are unused at the end of each year are sent to A&E metals in Sydney where they are refined back into useable silver for another jeweller to create a treasured piece of jewellery with.

Silver Jewellery

Ayana Jewellery is handcrafted from Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver. We use a few different suppliers of silver, all of whom have assured us that it is responsibility sourced, although we are unable to independently verify each supplier ourselves.

We aim to buy recycled Sterling Silver as much as possible, in some cases we have been unable to source suppliers for verified recycled chains or smaller component parts. We are constantly sourcing and researching sustainable materials and focused on improving as our resources grow.

Plated Jewellery

Some of Ayana Jewellery is gold (or rose gold) plated. The jewellery is first handmade using the same processes we use to make our silver ranges, it is then plated. This treatment is done by a small family of highly skilled platers based in Sydney who do everything they can to be environmentally friendly. Gold-plating is a fairly complicated chemical process, but these plating experts always stick to the proper guidelines on handling, storing and using these chemicals.


We strive to illuminate single use plastic from our packaging, with the majority of our packaging materials being designed so that they can become storage potties, tins and pouches for our customers jewellery. Our jewellery tins are made overseas, with the rest of our packaging being put together in house from components sourced from Australia and overseas. Sometimes it is necessary to use bubble wrap to keep items safe when we post to our wholesalers, we re-use bubble wrap received in our packages and encourage our wholesalers to re-use the packaging to prolong the plastics life.

Our Company

As a small business in Australia, we are constantly striving to be more ethical and environmentally friendly. Below are some of the ways we are working towards this:

  • We send and receive a lot of parcels! We use Australia Post and SENDLE Courier for all our posting needs.
  • Our workshop is in our home in Sydney, keeping our footprint small and lowering overhead costs, which enables us to keep prices attainable and affordable.
  • All lighting is low energy where possible.
  • We recycle all paper and waste in the studio and aim to be as close to zero waste as we can.
  • We work with a wide variety of local charities each year, this can range from specially commissioned projects, to making donations for raffles. We are committed to supporting local charity as much as we possibly can.
  • We operate a friendly, respectful and relaxed workshop and office environment and believe in treating our staff, customers and suppliers well.

We will continue to press for responsibly sourced materials in the jewellery industry and apply what pressure we are able to all our suppliers for more transparency in the supply chain. As we grow, our core values of transparency, ethical and sustainable practice will stay the same.

Reach Out

If you think we could be doing better, or have any questions, suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out via our Contact Form